Our Mission Statement

This is a newly established firm set up in the heart of England’s second city with the aim of assisting all just & ethical persons [including and especially the under privileged & the voiceless, in their quest for justice. It is our avowed mission to protect and defend the rule of law and fight against injustice and discrimination in all their manifestations & ramifications. It is our belief that if a dedicated group of people can work for the promotion of basic human values and civic duty in their respective fields, then collectively a difference can be made. As Robert Kennedy said “It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope.”

What you should expect from us

We fully understand that our communitarian aspirations are of little use if we are unable to offer a competent legal service. We know we can only survive so long as our service is valued by our clients. As a result, we judge our actions from our clients’ viewpoint, and are aware that in addition to the provision of the highest levels of technical legal expertise, our clients have a right to expect that we will: Show them care, sympathy & understanding in our dealings with them. We know that many ordinary people are confused, even intimidated, when confronted by legal issues. It is our job to give them [relative] peace of mind by lessening their burden. Listen to their issues and use our expertise to provide them with a service tailored to their specific need(s). We believe that neither two people nor their issues are ever the same. We are happy to leave it to other firms to provide a standardised service that may fit one, fit all but in reality fit no-one too well at all. We aim to

  • deliver a high quality, cost effective service in a friendly, down to earth but professional manner.
  • provide comprehensive, effective, impartial & realistic legal advice as we endeavour to find the best possible solution for their issue(s).
  • deal with them with complete honesty from the outset. We will advise them on what we can do for them and what we cannot. If we find their expectations or aspirations [of the law] to be unrealistic and/or misguided we will advice them accordingly from the start.
  • make ourselves accessible and flexible. We fully appreciate that in modern life, due to various commitments, it is not always possible for our clients to arrange appointments during normal office hours. We shall therefore always endeavour to arrange appointments to meet our clients’ needs.
  • behave with courtesy & consideration in our dealings with them. We believe that good manners never go out of fashion and should be the cornerstone of any civilised society.
  • show total transparency when it comes to the issue of fees & expenses. We recognise and appreciate that the fear of escalating costs can and does deter many people from pursuing or enforcing their rights. Therefore we will endeavour to the best of our ability to give our clients a clear indication of the likely costs at first interview and subsequently keep them regularly updated on this matter.
  • ensure that no possible issues of conflict of interest and/or split loyalties arise. We pledge therefore that we will neither accept nor make any payments [for our own or our firm’s benefit] of any type whatsoever, to any third party(ies).
  • promote equality by dealing with all our clients on an equal footing. To this end we pledge not to operate a tiered system under which a privileged select groups of clients get a “gold standard service” while the rest have to make do. Our commitment is to offer all our clients the highest level of service.
  • aspire for continuity by ensuring that their case is handled from start to finish by a single qualified solicitor (except in emergencies). There will be no ‘passing on’ to junior staff where urgency can be lost or details misunderstood.
  • report to them promptly on all new developments in whichever manner they prefer and will ensure that they are kept fully informed & updated at all times.


What we would expect from you in light of our afore-stated aspirations we trust that you will only instruct us if your cause is just, ethical & equitable. Please also note that as a general rule we do not accept instructions to litigate against the public sector [including schools, hospitals, local councils] and other non-profit making organizations - unless the issue(s) involved are of ‘greater public interest’.

So why give us your business?

We are good at what we do. If it be just we will fight your cause fearlessly. We’re available to visit on the high street or can be easily contacted by phone, e- mail or post. Most of our work is repeat business from clients, or referrals from their family and friends. We work hard to maintain these relationships to keep people coming back. We are attempting to forge our way by remaining true to decent human values – yes we’re back to ethics again! So, if you a have an issue which you think we may be able to assist you with then please contact us. We will be glad to help.